utility software

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utility software

(Or utility program, tool) Any software that performs some specific task that is secondary to the main purpose of using the computer (the latter would be called application programs) but is not essential to the operation of the computer (system software).

Many utilities could be considered as part of the system software, which can in turn be considered part of the operating system.

The following are some broad categories of utility software, specific types and examples.

* Disks

disk formatter: FDISK, format


disk checker: fsck

disk cleaner

system profiler


file system compression

* Files and directories

list directory: ls, dir

copy, move, remove: cp, mv, rm, xcopy

archive: tar

compression: zip

format conversion: atob

comparison: diff

sort: sort

* Security

authentication: login

antivirus software: avast, Norton Antivirus

firewall: Zone Alarm, Windows firewall

encryption: gpg)

* Editors for general-purpose formats (as opposed to specific formats like a word processing document)

text editor: Emacs

binary editor, hex editor

* Communications

mail transfer agent: sendmail

e-mail notification: biff

file transfer: ftp, rcp, Firefox

file synchronisation: unison, briefcase

chat: Gaim, cu

directory services: bind, nslookup, whois

network diagnosis: ping, traceroute

remote access: rlogin, ssh

* Software development

compiler: gcc

build: make, ant


preprocessor: cpp

debugger: adb, gdb

installation: apt-get, msiexec, patch

compiler compiler: yacc

* Hardware

device configuration: PCU, devman, stty
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For easy system setup, certified systems also come with a THX-developed software utility - the THX Picture and Sound Optimizer - that guides the consumer through connections, sound card adjustment, speaker placement and other items to ensure that performance is optimized.
through a software utility, like Norton Utilities or PC Tools, to analyze the disk and the software.
HP additionally unveiled an easy-to-download SureSupply Software Utility for enhanced supplies manageability as well as high-capacity HP Vivera ink cartridges for extended cost savings.
At Central Point, he was one of the creators of the top selling PC Tools software utility package and later became the manager of the data recovery product line.
Additional installed software includes Acer Empowering Technology, Adobe Reader, Norton AntiVirus, CyberLink Power Producer, NTI CD-Maker together with Acer GridVista -- a software utility that divides the screen in up to 4 different windows -- each one associated with a different application -- and the Acer Arcade Software Suite featuring Acer CinemaVision(TM) video technology and Acer ClearVision(TM) video optimization technology.
The Company's DAP software utility offers Dealers the industry's most efficient and productive tool set for better serving customers with "best of breed" solutions in real-time.
eFotoXpress is a software utility that uses wavelet compression technology and the new JPEG2000 standard to easily compress very large images so that they may be sent by e-mail without any loss in quality.
Backup for Workgroups is a disk-based backup and disaster recovery software utility designed for networked Windows servers and desktops.
Geospiza, an industry-leading developer of software for DNA sequencing data management, analysis and visualization, today announced an update to Geospiza FinchTV, a free, cross-platform trace viewing software utility for use in DNA sequencing analysis.
0, the new and most advanced version yet of the company's multiple-award winning software utility for Microsoft Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs, Smartphones, and Windows operating systems.
Today You Software shipped You Control:Fonts, a software utility that lets you create a WYSIWYG font menu in Mac OS X.
This software utility is aimed at servicing the digital imaging needs of commercial enterprises.

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