Soichiro Honda

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Soichiro Honda 本田 宗一郎
BirthplaceHamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Founder of Honda

Honda, Soichiro,

1906–91, Japanese automobile executive. A mechanic and race car driver, he was a self-taught engineer. Honda founded a motorcycle company in the 1940s and began producing cars in the 1950s. His company's clean-burning CVCC engine created an automotive revolution, and its cars won a large share of the U.S. market.
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Soichiro Honda's dreams and hopes were blown up, but he was positive.
Henry Ford, Enzo Ferrari and Soichiro Honda all became famous for their automotive creations.
Fonde en 1948 par monsieur Soichiro Honda, Honda Motor Company Ltd Co est un constructeur de motos, automobiles, voitures de course, quadricycles, equipements de jardinage et bricolage, generateurs electriques, moteurs de bateaux, robots et jets prives avec sa branche automobile.
Honda Foundation, a public-interest incorporated foundation created by Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda Motor Co., Ltd., and his younger brother Benjiro Honda and currently headed by Hiroto Ishida, is pleased to announce that the Honda Prize 2016 will be awarded to Dr.
The engineer, entrepreneur and visionary Soichiro Honda launched a bike company from scratch in 1948 and built it into the world's biggest manufacturer of powered two-wheelers within just 16 years.
When former garage owner and racing driver Soichiro Honda developed his piston ring business in 1937, there was little evidence that his company would come to be a global automotive force.
"Some years ago I was invited by Soichiro Honda to Japan as his guest.
This has not stopped the company from plucking every boss in its history from the ranks of the engineers: indeed, Soichiro Honda was among Japan's best engineers when he founded the company in 1949.
Honda's founder Soichiro Honda realized many dreams with launch of Honda's 1 st mass motorcycle - Dream D in 1949.
Esta es una de las diferencias entre la filosofia gerencial japonesa respecto a la norteamericana que llevo a Soichiro Honda, fundador de la compania con su nombre, a quien no se puede acusar de academico (como a Zaleznik) o de romantico (como a Deming), afirmar: "La administracion japonesa y la estadounidense son parecidas en un 95%, pero difieren en todos los aspectos importantes".
Now, analysts and industry executives wonder whether Honda can rekindle the underdog ambition of founder Soichiro Honda.
Its management credits a safety culture emanating from founder Soichiro Honda, who was famous for making worker safety the No.