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An example of these is soil algae, which are among the first organisms to colonize soil (Starks et al., 1981).
This implied better growing conditions for higher plants at Kurtna, and might even suggest better nutrient availability for soil algae. This, however, does not solely reflect the conditions of the habitat as the possible effects of trace substances from the alkaline deposition should also be taken into consideration.
Parameters of the productivity of soil algae in terrestrial ecosystems.
Razvitie pochvennih vodoroslei na virubkah severnoi taigi (Development of soil algae in the deforested areas of the northern taiga).
Hu CX, Liu YD, Song L, Zhang DL (2002) Effect of desert soil algae on the stabilization of fine sands.
Usnea sphacelata, Pseudephebe minuscula, Umbilicaria decussata), and soil algae have become established (Seppelt 1984; Smith 1990).
Formation of the podzolic soil C11 from weathered gneiss rock under mosses is characterised by a strong decrease of O-alkyl-C and an increase of aromatic- and carboxyl-C units from the recent vegetation (mosses), and probably soil algae, within the humification process.
Soil formation of WP5 is characterised by a decrease of O-alkyl-C but only a weak increase of aromatic and carboxyl-C units from the recent soil algae colonisation (White and Beyer 1999).