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a city and the administrative center of Sol’-Iletsk Raion, Orenburg Oblast, RSFSR. Located on the right bank of the Ilek River (a tributary of the Ural), 77 km south of Orenburg. Junction (Iletsk) for railroad lines to Orenburg, Aktiubinsk, and Ural’sk. Population, 22,000 (1975).

Sol’-Iletsk was established in the 17th century as a cossack settlement. In the mid-18th century, after the construction of a fortification, the settlement became known as Iletskaia Zashchi-ta. The city’s name was changed to Iletsk in the 19th century and Sol’-Iletsk in 1945. Rock salt is mined in Sol’-Iletsk. The city has a grain elevator, a brickyard, and the Sol’-Iletskkormash Machine-building Plant.

Sol’-Iletsk is a balneologic and pelotherapeutic health resort. Summers are very warm, with an average July temperature of 22°C, and winters are cold, with an average January temperature of - 16°C. Annual precipitation totals 320 mm. Therapeutic remedies include mineral water from Lakes Novoe and Razval and silt mud from Lakes Tuzluchnoe and Dunino. Those with diseases of the musculoskeletal organs and the peripheral nervous system and gynecologic disorders are treated. Sol’Iletsk has a sanatorium and a mud-treatment facility.

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The Orenburg Region, with its vast potential for promoting health and wellness tourism, attaches great importance to carrying out an investment project to create the Salt Lakes tourism and recreation cluster in the city of Sol-Iletsk. The Orenburgsky State Nature Reserve has good prospects for developing ecotourism, including tours to study the unique steppe flora and fauna.
Everyday 10-35 citizens of Kyrgyzstan are taken off the Bishkek-Moscow train as they are in the black list of the Federal Migration Service of Russia, representative of the legal service of the Zamandash Association in Sol-Iletsk (Russia) said on January 14.
Names of these camps: White Swan (near Perm and Solikamsk, an area where Soviet gulag camps were plentiful); Black Delphine in Sol-Iletsk (near Orenburg in the Urals); The Vologod Five in Novoozero (near Vologod); During the Day (in the Urals); No.
Office of the Rosselkhoznadzor in the Orenburg region in June 2019 conducted an unscheduled field audit in relation to LLC Luch on the fact of non-compliance with the established requirements and mandatory measures to improve, protect land and protect the soil on the agricultural land plot located within the boundaries of the Sol-Iletsk urban district of the Orenburg region.
Deployment of Fibre-optic lines in the towns of Sol-Iletsk and Yasny, as well as in several villages in the Orenburg region.
Electronic auction: "reconstruction of 10 kv overhead line (feeder # 10), construction of 0.4 kv insulated overhead line from package transformer substation # 145 in sol-iletsk, orenburg region, for the needs of gup" okes "
Electronic auction: accomplishment of the yard territory of multi-apartment residential buildings in the territory of sol-iletsk urban district, located at: ul.