Solar Sensor

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solar sensor

[′sō·lər ′sen·sər]
A light-sensitive diode that sends a signal to the attitude-control system of a spacecraft when it senses the sun. Also known as sun sensor.
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Solar Sensor


(or sun sensor), an instrument, usually of the optoelectronic type, that determines the angle of deviation of an axis of some instrument, aircraft, or space vehicle from the direction of the sun. Solar sensors are used in the orientation of astronomical instruments, in the solution of navigational problems in aviation and spaceflight, and as attitude sensors in some orientation systems. The design of a solar sensor depends on the requirements imposed on it with respect to, for example, accuracy, reliability, speed of response, and size of region viewed.

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An awareness of the polycarbonate sheeting is unavoidable; its light infuses the whole space and when it is too bright, a solar sensor activates internal blinds which drop down from the plywood-sheeted ceiling to cover its fractal glow.
There is a solar sensor used in vehicles to estimate thermal radiance source position (azimuth and elevation) in the sky hemisphere and the amplitude of irradiance.
Today's solar arrays have no moving parts, unlike past systems that required solar sensors that would move the array during the day as the sun passed overhead.
Alongside these five solar power plants is an ongoing initiative aimed at installing some 1.7m sq metres of thermal solar sensors by 2020.
The air-conditioning is equipped with an air re-circulation filter, fogging and solar sensors, thereby regulating temperature, air flow, air distribution and air layering, separately to four zones.
Among these we can mention the double curtain wall, which has incorporated an intelligent shading system controlled by solar sensors for solar protection and thermal insulation.
Photovoltaic solar sensors automatically adjust the lighting in the trade shop based on the natural light flowing into the room.
Provides input-voltage sensing using eight bit A/D converter of solar sensors and evaluate their values (Babiuch, 2002).
Yep, with two tiny solar sensors on the cartridge, Boktai can feel when you're playing out in daylight, and as a result grants your character-enhanced powers to tackle his foes in this action-RPG romp.
To maintain their energy levels the prey graze under light trees which they have to seek out with solar sensors while the predators hunt down the prey to maintain their existence.
Automatic climate control which can be adjusted front and rear has the added bonus of pollution filters and solar sensors to keep the interior at optimum comfort levels -and the Vogue models even have a heated steering wheel - the epitome of luxury.