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the raised floor in front of the altar partition or iconostasis in an Orthodox church. The solea serves as a kind of proscenium for the service.

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A raised walkway between the ambo and bema in an Early Christian or Byzantine church.
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47), the melody in the bass line should be played with the right-hand thumb as an integral part of the musical style to which this piece belongs, a soleares. While this is clearly indicated in the facsimile, the new edition gives an alternate fingering that significantly changes the results for the entire passage.
Divided into three parts, based on three flamenco forms, Returning to A traces an emotional journey from the loneliness of soleares to the sensuality of bulerias and finally to the acceptance of tragedy in siguiriyas.
In "Soleares," two generations of dancers, Farruco and the young Farruqito, are cheered on by other family members.