solid modeling

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solid modeling

A mathematical technique for representing solid objects. Unlike wireframe and surface modeling, solid modeling systems ensure that all surfaces meet properly and that the object is geometrically correct. Solid models allow for interference checking, which tests to see if two or more objects occupy the same space.

Solid modeling is the most complicated of the CAD technologies, because it simulates an object internally and externally. Solid models can be sectioned (cut open) to reveal their internal features, and they can be stress tested as if they were physical entities in the real world. See tessellation. See also 3D printing.

Solid Cross Section
When an object is built as a solid model, cross sections of its internal structure can be rendered as if it were sliced down the middle. This two-cycle engine assembly was created in MicroStation Modeler. (Image courtesy of Bentley Systems, Inc.)

Solid Image On Screen
This constant velocity joint, which is used on front wheel drive automobiles, was created on MicroStation Modeler. (Image courtesy of Bentley Systems, Inc.)
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Autodesk has a large development team with experience in solid modelling and development of the ACIS kernel, will erentc a purpose- built, feature-based modelling engine for Autodesk Inventor for the needs of 3D users in manufacturing.
Cadac Solid Modelling & Parametrics (SMP) is the dedicated solid modelling division of Cadac Limited, specialising in the implementation of the latest suites of Unigraphics software.
Surface modelling will be needed for styling the visible surfaces, while the simpler internal geometry can be created more quickly with solid modelling. Also, the creation of internal surfaces from external surfaces is easier with solid modelling."
"Origin showed us that Solid Edge was intuitive, had excellent solid modelling, assembly and sheet metal design capabilities and would definitely increase our design productivity."