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a sociopolitical doctrine that became widespread in the bourgeois social sciences with the transition of the capitalist society to the stage of imperialism. In contrast to the Marxist thesis that the class struggle is the motive force of social development, the founders of solidarism, including the French political figure L. Bourgeois, author of Solidarity (1902), held that life in any society, especially bourgeois society, depends above all on the solidarity of its members.

While solidarism was directed against Marxism, it was also a reaction against the extreme individualism of bourgeois ideology in the period of industrial capitalism. Solidarism was the basis of several early 20th-century bourgeois teachings of sociology, for example, those of E. Durkheim, as well as theories of state and law, for example, those of L. Duguit. It was used by bourgeois reformists to justify “class cooperation and conciliation.” Solidarism is also closely linked with the doctrine that “property imposes obligations,” which claims that private capitalist ownership renders a valuable service to society. Reactionary ideologists have used solidarism to justify the theory and nature of corporatism. Because it was employed for demagogic ends by fascist leaders, solidarism acquired derogatory connotations after the fall of the fascist regimes. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, however, solidarism has been used to justify such bourgeois concepts as “social partnership” and the “free association of labor and capital.” Solidarism is an important element of the political doctrine of clericalism.

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In short, solidarism revises the essence of the concept and discusses the sovereignty as responsibility.
30) Also embedded in this idea are the concepts of subsidiarity and solidarism.
observed once that the first generation of Ottoman intellectuals in the mid to late 19th century did not pay much attention to socialism; their ideas were mostly influenced by some version of solidarism.
international society is tending towards solidarism could only be
These rules have been forgottenand we are shifting towards fiscal union and solidarism where we guarantee for each other.
The differences between solidarism and personalism in economic affairs are ignored by some of the volume's other authors who routinely refer to a solidarist/personalist paradigm.
Being firmly anchored in the Catholic tradition, the Christian Democrats built a philosophy centered around the organic view of man and society rooted in pluralism (maintaining the fact that man needs to be regarded as a member of various social groups--family, profession, community that require the protection of the State), personalism (enforcing the idea that while respecting individualism and the political rights that uphold human dignity, it is also necessary to limit these rights in certain circumstances when the common good so requires) and solidarism (referring to the socially interactive citizen who assumed responsibility not only for his own welfare, but also for the other members of community) (21).
Mustafa Pasha and his peers transformed them into an imitation of contemporary European institutions, including forms of corporate fascism known as statism or solidarism, but there was no attempt, as in the Soviet Union, to enforce atheism.
In rejecting classical liberalism and embracing the notion of shared responsibility ("we're all in it together," as Cameron puts it), Tory modernizers are reinventing a species of what von Mises called pseudo-socialism, in their case the solidarism of interwar France.
The guild system provided the template for various attempts to find a Catholic third way between capitalism and communism, including such now-obscure theories as solidarism, distributism and corporatism.
The promise of solidarism is the partial dissolution of the international society of states within this wider communicative domain.
But sixth, despite the predominance of pluralist practices, solidarism has taken root in international society, and is leading us into uncharted territory.

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