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a city and the administrative center of Soligalich Raion, Kostroma Oblast, RSFSR. Soligalich is located on the right bank of the upper Kostroma River (a tributary of the Volga), 105 km north of the Galich railroad junction.

Soligalich was known as Sol’-Galitskaia in 1335. It was an important center for salt extraction in Rus’ from the 14th to 17th centuries. In the mid-14th century, together with Galich, it came under the dominion of the Moscow princes, and in 1450 it was annexed to the Grand Principality of Moscow. In 1609 a voevodstvo (a territory under a military governor) was established in Soligalich. In 1708 the city was assigned to Arkhangel’sk Province, and in 1778 it became a district capital of Kostroma Province. Soviet power was established in December 1917.

In the late 18th century, Soligalich was given a regular general plan. Among the city’s noteworthy architectural landmarks are the Voskresenskaia (1660–69) and Bogoiavlenskaia (1681) churches of the Voskresenskii Monastery, the Rozhdestvenskii Cathedral (1668–1805), the Nikola na Navoloke Church (1688; Moscow baroque), and the market rows (mid-19th century; classicism).

Soligalich has a limestone combine, a flax-processing plant, a creamery, and a logging and timber distribution establishment. A museum of local lore is also in the city.

Soligalich is a balneologic and pelotherapeutic health resort. Summers are moderately warm, with an average July temperature of 17°C, and winters are moderately cold, with an average January temperature of - 12°C. Annual precipitation totals 500 mm. The mineral water from spring no. 1 is used therapeutically. The water has a chemical composition of

It is used for therapeutic baths. Silt mud is found in ponds. Those with diseases of the musculoskeletal organs and the nervous system and gynecologic disorders are treated. Soligalich has a sanatorium and water- and mud-treatment facilities.


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