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For Ottoman sultans thus named, use Sulayman.
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Suleiman I

, Soliman, Solyman
called the Magnificent. ?1495--1566, sultan of the Ottoman Empire (1520--66), whose reign was noted for its military power and cultural achievements
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Better Lives," Soliman seeks to fill the capital requirement needs of micro enterprises at very affordable rates.
Soliman or Sulayman is sometimes referred to as 'Rajamora' or 'Rahang Mura' to distinguish his youth from his old uncles Lakandula and Rajah Matanda.
Sawiris agreed to pay for a Soliman's scholarship that will allow him to pursue an undergraduate degree in computer science at Nile University.
Soliman explained that the company achieved sales of EGP 275m last year, up from EGP 100m in the previous year, marking a growth of 175%.
Farhan, a 30-year old, who has defeated Mazan Gamal of Egypt in the quarter-final last night, in three straight sets, failed to match the speed and skill of 21-year old Soliman, who returned a score of 12-10, 9-11, 11-9, 11-3 to book a place in the final.
Last July authorities charged Soliman with smuggling 100,000 bags of rice in 200 cargo containers at the Manila port.
Soliman served as a Cebu City assistant prosecutor but was dismissed from the service on June 26, 1998 over charges of gross misconduct.
The incident took place while Soliman was having lunch at a nearby restaurant.
"What happened from me wasn't on purpose, I just went to the referee to show him my opinion about his decision," said Soliman.
And the middleweight's team are ready to open negotiations with IBF champion Sam Soliman after he defeated Felix Sturm.