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river, Brazil: see AmazonAmazon,
Port. Amazonas , world's second longest river, c.3,900 mi (6,280 km) long, formed by the junction in N Peru's Andes Mts. of two major headstreams, the Ucayali and the shorter Marañón.
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, river.
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Fish diversity of floodplain lakes on the lower stretch of the Solimoes river. Brazilian Journal of Biology = Revista Brasileira de Biologia, vol.
The urban network of the Solimoes river has distinctive characteristics compared to the one established along the Amazonas river (MORAES; SCHOR, 2011; SCHOR, 2013).
Laraque [1] presents a very interesting comment, which reports that local fishermen utilize the meeting of the waters and the clear interface between the black waters of the Negro River and the muddy waters of the Solimoes River to create a trap by placing the fish between the interface of the waters of the two rivers and their fishing nets.
The Comandante Sales capsized before sinking swiftly on the Solimoes River, one of the largest branches of the Amazon.
The wooden Comandante Sales ferryboat capsized in a pre-dawn rainstorm on the Solimoes River, one of the Amazon's largest tributaries, said Fire Lt Col Raimundo Rodrigues da Silva.
The river, which begins in Colombia, stretches for 1,700 kilometers until it runs into the Solimoes River and off into the Amazon, which is the world's largest river by volume.
The Solimoes River, whose traditional depth in October averages at least 12 meters, measured only 92 centimeters on Thursday by the municipality of Caapiranga, 222 kilometers west of Manaus, the Amazonas state capital.
The large baskets made by the Tikuna people in the Solimoes River drainage near the Colombian border are impressive for their artistic value, although their day-to-day function is as an efficient way to keep food and household objects properly stored.
monoculus observed in the Upper Parana basin, the first haplotype was found in the reservoirs Capivara, Taquarucu and Rosana, and also in samples of the Solimoes river. But it was not observed in the samples of Porto Rico.