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Bosnia and Herzegovina: see SalonaSalona
, Latin Salonae, ancient city of Dalmatia, 3 mi (5 km) NE of modern Split, Croatia. A port on the Adriatic, it was used as a base for Roman conquest and was made a Roman colony and the capital of Illyricum in the 1st cent. B.C.
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On February 7, Minister of Culture and Tourism Abulfaz Garayev received Turkmen Ambassador Mekan Isanquliev, Ambassador of the United States Rodrigo Lobardini and Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan Rustam Solin.
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Mi acercamiento es con las historietas, habia una serie de ellas en casa, y de muchas maneras estas historietas me llevaban a lecturas mas serias; por ejemplo, una donde ponen a los heroes, Kaliman y Solin, a intercalarse con La Iliada y La Odisea.
The new advisory board members are former SEC Commissioner Luis Aguilar, noted advisor Ron Carson, author and consultant Dan Solin and former academic Woodrow Leake.
ARMY COUNTER INTELLIGENCE CORPS VETERANS (ACICV) April 27-May 1, Stony Brook, NY, Contact: Stan Solin, Ph: 714-998-1562, Email: AgentReport@gmail.
Successful were William Goggins, Hassan Said, Priya Kohli, Liberty Charlesworth-Lee, Aranada Bent, Petrit Prebreza, Sipan Rajab, Ahmid Athir and Solin Rajab.
Solin - Melissa and Ryan Solin, of Eugene, a daughter.
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Most intriguing are two fragments of a tombstone from Solin in Dalmatia, one a cross, the other the word fragment--dotae, of which the most obvious reconstruction would be sacerdotae, to the (female) priest.
Bonner of Florida; a brother, Raymond Agar and his wife, Clara, of Maine; and eight grandchildren, Santino Tiberii, Jennifer Solin and Luz Gonzalez, Todd and Brittany Bonner, and Charissa and Jocelyn Smith.