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It is a fortunate fact that optical solitons on the same carrier do not overtake one another in the way that solitons in a canal do.
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On the problem of periodicity and hidden solitons for the KdV model.
Consequently, internal solitons of both polarities may exist in this region in summer months.
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also proved the existence of vector solitons of the system above, in the case that the inhomogeneous coefficients a, b, c, and d have compact support and e [equivalent to] 0 and 8 = 0.
Thus, we will seek multisolitons, breathers, and collisions between several solitons, respectively, via the Hirota method introduced in [37] and describing the propagation characteristics with figures in the next section.
He added that one can generate a single stable soliton circulating inside a microresonator and in the output optical fiber, one can obtain a periodic series of pulses with a period corresponding to a round trip time of the soliton.
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