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one of the most magnificent royal-type Scythian barrows, dating from the fourth century B.C.; located 12 km southeast of the village of Bol’shaia Znamenka, Vasil’evka Raion, Zaporozhye Oblast, Ukrainian SSR.

Solokha was excavated by N. I. Veselovskii in 1912-13. Two royal-type tombs were discovered under the 18-m high mound; the main tomb had been plundered in ancient times, but the side chamber was found intact. This chamber contained the bodies of a king and two of his servants, a cupbearer and a squire. Among the findings were various weapons, a bronze mace symbolizing power, a gold torque, bracelets, numerous plaques that once adorned the clothing or the shroud, and silver vessels. Of exceptional artistic value were a gold comb bearing figures of Scythians in combat and a gorytus (a case for bow and arrows) embossed in silver and depicting a battle between warriors on foot and horsemen. A pit west of the barrow yielded the skeletons of five horses with the remains of bridles with bronze plates; the grave of a groom was also found nearby.


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