Solovetsky Islands

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Solovetsky Islands,

Russia: see Solovetski IslandsSolovetski or Solovetsky Islands
, archipelago, c.150 sq mi (390 sq km), N European Russia, in the White Sea at the entrance of Onega Bay. A monastery, built in the first half of the 15th cent., is on the largest island.
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Petersburg - Petrozavodsk (with a visit to Kizhi) - Kem (with a visit to the Solovetsky Islands) - Murmansk - Nikel Murmansky - Kirkeness (Norway) - Oslo.
The Quest sailed into the White Sea and headed for the Solovetsky Islands, where a tender took visitors ashore to see a 15th-Century monastery with typical Russian onion domes.
This itinerary, featuring the rarely visited Solovetsky Islands in the White Sea, is selling quickly with remaining availability starting at USD4,999.
Finally, Wheeler ends her journey on the Solovetsky Islands in the middle of the White Sea.
The Prince of Wales travelled to the remote Solovetsky Islands today, home to Russia's first gulag or concentration camp where thousands died under Stalin.
During the regular session of the Committee, the state of preservation of several Russian World Heritage sites (IDS) was also considered: the Historical Center of Yaroslavl, the Kizhi Pogost and the Historical and Cultural Complex of the Solovetsky Islands.
Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council, a representative of the legislative (representative) body of state power of the Vologda region Yuri Vorobyov took part in a meeting dedicated to the discussion of the expedition of the pupils of the club "Korabel Prionezhje" to the Solovetsky Islands. The Russian Geographical Society allocated a grant of 2.5 million rubles for organizing the expedition.
As the Vice-Speaker of the Federation Council noted, the meeting was held with the purpose of preparing an expedition - from the base "Korabelov Prionezhje" in Vytegorsky district to the Solovetsky Islands. "The expedition will be full of various activities for children - it is the study of history, geography, ichthyofauna.
During classes and master classes, they will thoroughly study the route to the Solovetsky Islands, and go on a journey prepared.
The way from Vytegra to the Solovetsky Islands, three crews of 8 inmates (during the expedition they will replace each other) will be overcome on a homemade schooner.
In addition to Murmansk and Archangel, other Russian ports of call on the 17-night cruise include the Solovetsky Islands, the infamous location of the USSR's first concentration camp.