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For Ottoman sultans thus named, use Sulayman.
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Suleiman I

, Soliman, Solyman
called the Magnificent. ?1495--1566, sultan of the Ottoman Empire (1520--66), whose reign was noted for its military power and cultural achievements
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The tyrant represented in those plays was either "platonically" determined by his own character, as in the cases of Cambises and Solyman, or belonged to a context more broadly characterized by ruin and chaos (Mordred) where tyranny was shown to be the result of the legitimate sovereigns ill-government.
Related to this idea of theory and application is the life-as-school-of-hard-knocks argument (already a cliche by the 1590s), which we see echoed in Mustapha when the bully Solyman argues that 'Experience wounded is the Schoole, | Where man learnes piercing wisdom out of smart'.
(19.) Thomas Kyd, The Tragedye of Solyman and Perseda (London, 1592), sig.
Solyman, the Turkish ruler, is a loving husband, caring father, and just ruler.
containing those two remarkable Sieges of Rhodes by Mahomet the Great, and Solyman the Magnificent.
"He is not actually buried here," said Solyman, the mosque's imam.
Readers will find innovative analyses of highly canonical texts--including Marlowe's Tamburlaine, Jonson's Sejanus, and ten plays by Shakespeare--as well as thoughtful discussion of less-studied plays ranging from Lyly's Midas and Nashe's Summer's Last Will and Testament to anonymous works like Solyman and Perseda and A Knack to Know a Knave.
'Solyman' was historically one of the most glorious of Turkish Sultans whose reign marked the zenith of the Ottoman Empire.
Anwar Ali, 41, who is completing a masters degree in project management, said: "There's no serious attempt to stop the killing because, like England and most countries, they have a big oil contract." Anwar Solyman, 52, added: "All the people are asking for is freedom, democracy and constitution."
"Langhorne, Solyman and Almena (1762)." (file://A:\Neue Seitel.htm).
It is why the Oracle had been, so long, a woman: you are a man, or become one, only by ceasing to be a woman A few pages later we meet the taxidermist who stuffed Angelo Solyman, an African prince, for Emperor Francis II of Austria.
Solyman, an insider at court, discloses in Act I that the Emperor "wishes, each minute, he could unbeget / Those Rebel-Sons, who dare t' usurp his Seat: / To sway his Empire with unequal skill, / And mount a Throne, which none but he can fill" (1.1.74-7).