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Physical Characteristics and Somatotype of Soccer Players according to Playing Level and Position.
Somatotype characteristics of male sprinters, basketball, soccer, and field hockey players.
Some researchers have used the Heath-Carter method to classify individual athletes according to three essential elements, namely, endomorphy (relative adiposity), meso morphy (the tendency for relative musculoskeletal development) and ectomorphy (the tendency to relative linearity), which results in the somatotype or biotype of the subject.
Somatotype (1.2.6 trial) program designed by Heath-Carter formula was used for the calculation of somatotypes and for somatotype drawings.
It is likely then that somatotype would also serve as a structural constraint affecting the movement patterns of an individual.
Table 2 shows no significant difference in the somatotype values of height-weight ratio, endomorph, mesomorph, ectomorph, and in the hand grip and back strength.
As with Lerner and Gellert (1969), participants were shown front-view same-gender silhouettes, in bathing suits, of the endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph somatotypes using the Stunkard figures (see Figures 1 and 2, Appendix ) adapted from the SWRA (Survey of Weight Related Attitudes) (Johnson, 2005).
However, this was somewhat attenuated by adjustment for race, maternal and paternal education, maternal and paternal diabetes, and somatotype at age 5.
Analysis revealed significant differences among the somatotypes in where the breath movement occurred [F (1.5, 13.6) = 5.047, p = .030, [[eta].sup.2] = .359].
Sheldon associated those body types (called somatotypes) with personality traits.
Somatotypes revisited: Have the media changed our perception of the female body image?
Body Type--The body is classified into three general body types, or somatotypes. Ectomorphs are small and sometimes frail.