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(TAC 5995) is a native verbena known from Shackelford County to the west and Somervell County to the southeast (Turner et al.
Azle, TX, September 29, 2012 --( WC5C Ham Radio team will divide and conquer this weekend as one detachment works to support the Parker Baptist Communicators K5PBA in Somervell County, while another party from the team converges on Jack County.
Floristic work in Somervell County, mainly in and around Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (FRWC), a 704 ha breeding facility for threatened and endangered animals located in Glen Rose, Texas, in Somervell County was conducted in association with restoration projects at the facility.
Additionally, previous collections from Somervell County were located in the Tarleton State University Herbarium (TAC) and included in the study.
harteri (four males, six females; SVL range = 340-710 mm, mean [+ or -] 1SD = 547.5 [+ or -] 113.4 mm) were collected by hand or tong from two sites on the Brazos River, one below Possum Kingdom Dam, 11.3 km SW Graford off FM 4, Palo Pinto County (n = 3, 32[degrees] 52.02'N, 98[degrees] 25.03'W), and the other 8.0 km S Glen Rose off FM 200, Somervell County (n = 7, 32[degrees] 16.16'N, 97[degrees] 39.51'W).
This trackway, recovered from the bed of the Paluxy River in what is now Dinosaur Valley State Park in Somervell County, Texas, has been interpreted to document the attack of a predatory theropod, probably Acrocanthosaurus, on its sauropod prey (Thomas & Farlow 1997).
Somervell County (locality unspecified), Texas, 7 July 1993, one female specimen (TTU 68640).
concinna metteri were collected alive by hand from Somervell County, Texas, and Garland County, Arkansas, respectively, and their feces examined for coccidian parasites.