Sona Muradova

Muradova, Sona


Born Dec. 31, 1914, in the aul (village) of Kherrikkala, in present-day Geok-Tepe Raion, Turkmen SSR. Soviet Turkmen actress. People’s Artist of the USSR (1955). Member of the CPSU since 1940.

After graduating from the Ashkhabad Pedagogical Technicum in 1931, Muradova worked as a teacher. She joined the Mollanepes Turkmen Theater of Drama in 1934 and served as the company’s director from 1955 to 1960. Her acting combines a strong temperament and high emotionality with a restrained manner of expressing the emotions of the heroines. Her best roles include Aknabat in Kerbabaev’s The Decisive Step, Bike in Mukhtarov’s The Family of Allan (State Prize of the USSR, 1951), Ogyl Bostan in Burunov and Amanov’s Keimir-Ker, Zaman’s Mother in Atadzhanov’s The Kushka Fortress, Dursunova in Mukhtarov’s Who Is a Criminal?, Emilia in Shakespeare’s Othello, and the title role in Gorky’s Vassa Zheleznova.

Muradova has been awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and several medals.