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A unit of loudness, equal to the loudness of a simple 1000-hertz tone with a sound pressure level 40 decibels above 0.0002 microbar; a sound that is judged by listeners to be n times as loud as this tone has a loudness of n sones.
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a unit on the conventional loudness scale. The sone expresses a direct subjective evaluation of the relative loudness of a pure tone. One sone corresponds to a loudness level of 40 phons at a frequency of 1,000 hertz. The sone and phon scales for pure tones are related by a single-valued function. With each increase in the loudness level by 10 phons, the number of sone units is approximately doubled.


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The intensive attribute of an auditory sensation, in terms of which sounds may be rank-ordered on a scale extending from soft to loud; depends primarily on sound pressure, but also on the frequency and wave form of the sound stimulus; expressed in units called sones; 2 sones is just twice as loud as 1 sone.
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