Song Qingling

Song Qingling:

see Soong Ch'ing-ling under SoongSoong
, Mandarin Song, Chinese family, prominent in public affairs. Soong Yao-ju or Charles Jones Soong, 1866–1918, graduated from Vanderbilt Univ. and, after returning to China (1886), was a Methodist missionary in Shanghai.
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, family.
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In February 1964, when Banda's widow, Sirimavo Bandaranaike, was Prime Minister, China's Vice Chairman, Song Qingling and Premier Zhou Enlai visited Lanka.
The six included Song Qingling, who married the early Republican leader Sun Yat-sen and ended her days as president of the communist People's Republic, and her beguiling American-educated sister Soong Mayling, who married the long-serving Republican leader Chiang Kaishek and for many Americans became the human face of China during the Second World War.
During this high octane phase Song Qingling hit a post after great work by Li Hongxia, after which China won three penalty corners from which they were unable to score.
"But we should have still scored more goals." In another match China beat Kazakhstan with three first-half goals through Ma Yibo, Zhao Yudiao and Song Qingling, but failed to pierce the rival defence in the second period.
It achieved something of the status of Chinese national female attire, in China and abroad, when it was adopted by Madame Sun Yatsen (Song Qingling) and became the habitual garb also of her sister, Madame Chiang Kaishek (Song Meling), who wore a qipao when she addressed the United States Congress in 1943.
The plight of Dr Sun's widow, the 30-year old Song Qingling, placed him in a quandary.
In 1936, the Comintern amazingly sent half a million dollars to Mao in Shaanxi Province via Sun Yat-sen's widow Song Qingling and a New York bank.