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A consol layout on chart.
A low-to-medium frequency, continuous wave, simple and reliable, long-range radio aid to navigation, whose emissions, by means of their radio frequency modulation characteristics, enable bearings or position lines to be determined. It is used principally for transoceanic navigation. The only airborne receiver required operates in the frequency band of 200 to 400 kHz. The information is given in the form of position lines. A Consol station consists of three aerials located in a straight line radiating dashes and dots. These signals are heard as either dashes or dots or as a continuous tone. This pattern is overprinted over special charts. This navigation system is now extinct. Also known as Sonne.
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Cells from all organisms respond to physiologically relevant variations in temperature by rapidly increasing the expression and synthesis of a selected group of proteins, the heat shock proteins (Sonna et al., 2002).
"All right sonna?," he would ask cheeringly upon our arrival - but he never told cutting jokes at the expense of the famous.
Funeral mass is tomorrow at 11am at St Michael's Church, Sonna, followed by burial in the adjoining cemetery.
The function of HSP genes in thermotolerance has been confirmed in various organisms (Sonna et al.
(16a) Ning se Sonna s a ij e [become-PST.3SG] lehaks (PUT 1686 Jh 1:14)
Thanks to the talented and glam squad team of Rebecca Hiele, National Artistic Director, Goldwell Hair Care, and Sonna Brado, National Artistic Director, KMS California, and Spiegel's International Creative Director, Richard Lowe III who designed one-of-a-kind fashions for each of the ladies -- from a 20's inspired cocktail dress to a classically elegant ruche dress -- they debut their new looks!
Gottemoeller wanted those attending to be able to submit questions via texting, and the Executive Director for the T Bureaus, Sonna Stampone, made that happen.
ROBINSON Elizabeth (Tizzy) Peacefully on Friday Feb 20, 2015; Tizzy, devoted wife of Sonna, dearly loved Mum of David, Ann and Carol.
Muslim elder Yaou Sonna on Saturday urged people to stop attacking Christians.