a Soviet guards destroyer, commissioned as a ship of the Black Sea Fleet on June 24, 1941. The Soobrazitel’nyi had a displacement of 2,404 tons, was capable of speeds up to 36 knots (64 km/hr), and carried a crew of 271. Its armament included four 130–mm guns, two 76.2-mm guns, seven 37-mm guns, eight 12.7-mm machine guns, two three-barrel 533-mm torpedo tubes, and two bomb throwers.

During the Great Patriotic War of 1941–45, the Soobrazitel’nyi fought at Odessa, Sevastopol’, Feodosiia, and Novorossiisk. It escorted transport ships, transported ammunition and reinforcements, and evacuated wounded. On Mar. 1, 1943, the title of guards ship was conferred on the destroyer for heroic actions. After the war the ship was converted into a rescue vessel. Later, a new antisubmarine ship of the Black Sea Fleet was also named the Soobrazitel’nyi.

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The second ship in the class, the Soobrazitelnyi, will follow in 2008, and a third one, the Boikyy, in 2009.