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(Ukrainian sopylka; Byelorussian dudka), a wind instrument; a type of end-blown, wooden Apple flute. The length is between 350 and 400 m. The sopel’ has five to six holes on the side to change the pitch of the tone. The scale is virtually diatonic.

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ELGIN CITY: McHale, Spark (McGowan 72), McDonald, Bronsky, Dingwall, Cooper, MacEwan, Hester (Sopel 90), Sutherland, McKay (Willis 85).
Why did the ambassador feel it necessary to regurgitate them when the BBC's John Sopel has supplied such portrayals so often and so vividly?
The BBC's US Editor Jon Sopel said this morning that a bilateral meeting with Mrs May had originally been on the schedule for Tuesday, but had disappeared in a recent revision.
Vicky Ritchie, Tricia Donald, Jackie Sopel, Louise Christie, Shona Sopel, Heather Ritchie and Nicola Duthie
In 'Jonathan Pie's American Pie' I interviewed BBC White House Correspondent Jon Sopel. It was a great interview - Jon was in on the gag and we pretended that there was a professional rivalry between us.
"Beyond hilarious," chuckled US correspondent Jon Sopel. "Be thankful it wasn't pictures of a Spitfire going down into the drink - imagine the charges of BBC bias?"
It followed the resignation of Carrie Gracie, the BBC News China Editor, who was on a salary of PS135,000 and quit after learning her male counterpart Jon Sopel, the North America Editor, earned between PS200,000 and PS249,999.
That group includes Chris Chelios, Troy Murray, Eddie Olczyk, Adam Burish, Brent Sopel, James Wisniewski and Brandon Pirri.
5 Who presented The Politics Show on BBC One from its launch in 2003, until Jon Sopel took over in 2005?
Jones, scenic design by Regina Garcia, lighting design by Jesse Klug, sound design and original music by Josh Schmidt, fight direction by Brian Byrnes, dramaturgy by Lukas Brashetfons, assistant costume design by Brandi Mans, and stage management by Heather Sopel, David Hartig, and Laura F.
High-profile male presenters such as Huw Edwards, Nicky Campbell, John Humphrys, Jon Sopel, Nick Robinson and Jeremy Vine have all accepted reduced wages.
North America editor Jon Sopel was in the PS200,000 to PS249,999 bracket while Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen earned between PS150,000 and PS199,999.