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A material, compound, or system that can provide a sorption function, such as adsorption, absorption, or desorption.



any one of the solids or liquids that selectively sorbs gases, vapors, or dissolved substances from a surrounding medium. Depending on the nature of the sorption, distinctions are made between absorbents, which form solid or liquid solutions with the sorbates; adsorbents, which collect the sorbates on surfaces that are usually irregular in order to increase surface area; and chemical absorbents, which form chemical bonds with the sorbates. Ion-exchange sorbents, or ion exchangers, form a separate category; these substances absorb ions of one type from a solution and release an equivalent quantity of ions of another type. The most important solid sorbents include activated charcoal, silica gel, aluminum oxide, zeolites, and ion-exchange resins.

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Chitosan has been used as a sorbent in this research to eliminate fluoride from aqueous environments.
Because the compounds were both neutral and basic in nature, an SPE sorbent that has hydrophobic and strong cation-exchange properties was chosen (Figure 2).
For more than 10 years the research team of general chemistry subdepartment of Belgorod State National Research University (NRU "BelSU") has been developing effective sorbents for purification of waste, industrial, natural and drink water from above mentioned pollutants, using for this purpose both mineral sorbents based on natural and modified aluminosilicates and based on products of pyrolysis and hydrothermal activation of waste of plant products and woodworking enterprises [9, 10].
Koros, Qiu, and Zhang have developed functionalized polymeric sorbents to remove low-level contaminants from fluid streams.
This step was essential to minimize the possibility of base-catalyzed auto-oxidation of carbonaceous sorbents in the presence of oxygen [29].
Tests of sorbent injection systems, the most mature mercury control technology, were conducted on a variety of coal types and boiler configurations--that is, on boilers using different air pollution control devices.
Available as pads, rolls and split rolls, the EverSoak Oil Only products with patent-pending Q-CEL technology are high-performance sorbents for oil-based spills large and small.
Sorbent Technologies Corporation, which provides proprietary mercury reduction sorbents, systems and services for coal-fired power plants, has been named a finalist in the Platts Global Energy Awards competition for the Commercial Technology of the Year.
The effectiveness of the air cleaners depends on the properties and amount of sorbents, the packing (or coating) density of the sorbent layer, the velocity and flow rate of air passing through the sorbent media, the properties of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and environmental conditions such as relative humidity and temperature.
New sorbents and formats have expanded SPE's applications as well its ease of use and flexibility.