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(mountain ash), a genus of deciduous trees or shrubs of the family Rosaceae. The alternate leaves are oddly pinnate, lobate, or entire. The flowers are in corymbiform inflorescences, and the fruits are pomes with two to five locules.

There are about 50 species (according to other data, about 100), distributed in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere. Of the greatest significance is the European mountain ash (S. aucuparia)—a tree or shrub with smooth gray bark, oddly pinnate leaves, and white flowers. The red, globose fruits are eaten by birds. In the USSR the European mountain ash is found in the European portion and in the Caucasus; it is cultivated as an ornamental and for its fruits, which are used in the production of confectioneries, medicines, and alcoholic liquors. The species S. sibirica, which is cultivated for the same purposes as the European mountain ash, grows in the northeastern European USSR and in Siberia. The service tree (S. domestica), which grows in the Crimea, the southern part of Western Europe, and the Mediterranean region, is cultivated in orchards. Species with entire or lobate leaves are often separated into independent genera. The commonly cultivated black choke-cherry (S. melanocarpa), which is native to North America, is usually assigned to the genus Aronia.


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In this study, the inhibitory effects of two Sorbus species and acarbose on a-glucosidase and a-amylase activities were investigated.
Swiss pear, according to Veneers: A Fritz Kohl Handbook, comes from the species Pyrus communis, Sorbus domestica and Sorbus torminalis.
Alternatively, a dwarf of the rowan family, Sorbus reducta, spreads into a thicket of grey-green leaves with a mass of pinkish-red berries from autumn.
| Evan's whitebeam (Sorbus evansii) is a recently described species named after the Monmouthshire botanist Trevor Evans who first found it.
Planting and dosadby rowan (Sorbus aucuparia L., further RP) and sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus L., further KL) underplanting silver fir (Abies alba, also JD) including mechanical building protective barriers (protection group and individual) and implementation of the RP chemical protection in the years 2016-2023, all including aftercare.
If you have room for two trees, try to combine two trees which have a different season of interest, such as a photinia, pictured - an evergreen with new red growth in late spring - and sorbus, which has lovely autumn hues and dazzling berries.
They perch high up in trees before descending to strip a berrying tree - they have favourites such as rowan and other species under the genus Sorbus.
Granddam daughter of Sorbus (placed 2nd in 3 Classics).
Peter Wilson, chief constable of Fife, is in charge of the huge logistical effort - called Operation Sorbus. He said there is no holding centre for protesters in the event of mass arrests and insisted police cells would cope in the event of serious disorder.
Sorbus (Mountain ash) is a vigorous deciduous tree bearing clusters of orange, yellow, white or pink at this time of year.