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(Small Outline Transistor) A surface mount package for electronic components (transistor, resistor, etc.). It was the first type of surface mount packaging.



a river in Yaroslavl Oblast, RSFSR, a right tributary of the Kostroma River. The Sot’ measures 144 km in length and drains an area of 1,460 sq km. It originates in the Danilov Uplands and empties into Kostroma Bay of the Gorky Reservoir. It is fed mainly by snow. High water is in April and May. The mean flow rate 59 km from the mouth is 6.5 cu m per sec. The river freezes in late October or in November, and the ice breaks up in April. Timber is floated on the Sot’ during high water. [24–611–1 ]

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Allison Easton, assigned to FRD 200, was the officer-in-charge for Milius' SOT and expressed that she was very impressed with the performance of the Milius crew throughout the week.
One infection was traced to 2003 (lungTX), 1 to 2008 (NTX), 1 to 2009 (multiple SOT recipient, NTX-HTX), 7 to 2010 (5 HTX, 1 LTX and 1 multiple SOT recipient, NTX-LTX) and 3 to 2011 (all LTX).
I am proud that the NIEHS and NTP have been a major presence at the SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo in recent years.
The ARD (A2300) of the SOT OMRA must be on or before the eighth day of the Medicare Part A stay.
The SOT will continue to be paid by some businesses outside the sphere of beer, including Tax-Free Alcohol Users and Specially Denatured Alcohol Users and Dealers as well as Tobacco Products Manufacturers and Tobacco Export Warehouse Proprietors.
I was sent back from Mae Sot, but I have never gone far from this area because I hoped Thailand would hire me again,'' he said.
SOT has been growing rapidly since its launch in 1991 and holds a 50% stake in the Estonian company ASE Computers where much of the development for Best Linux is done.
Assoc Prof Yang said, Our findings can solve the fundamental obstacle of a high switching current in present heavy metal based SOT applications, and this is a big step towards room temperature topological insulator based spintronic device applications with ultralow power dissipation and high integration density.
In other SOT activities, ICCVAM representatives served as co-chairs for five platform sessions, NICEATM scientists were co-authors on 13 poster or platform presentations, and ICCVAM members were coauthors on 18 presentations.
Just about anything is for sale in Mae Sot if you know where to look for it: gold, jade, rubies, medicinal herbs, motorbikes, even people.
Rehr noted that the tax was originally introduced to help fund the Civil War, and he pointed out that the 2001 Joint Committee on Taxation called for elimination of the SOT.
The 15-minute clash reportedly occurred at Paloo Noi Camp across from the Thai village of Mae Goangane in the Mae Sot district, some 500 kilometers northwest of Bangkok.