Sotatsu Tawaraya

Sotatsu Tawaraya,

fl. early 1600s, Japanese artist. With KoetsuKoetsu Hon'ami
, 1558–1637, Japanese artist, poet, calligrapher, tea master, and landscape gardener. Considered one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 17th cent.
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 he is credited with founding the decorative Rimpa school of Japanese painting. A painter who revived yamato-e style by augmenting its lyric quality with brilliant colors and a bold graphic sense, in 1630 Sotatsu was commissioned to illustrate the Saigyo Monogatari Emaki [Biography of the monk Saigyo] as well as to create a set of screens for the emperor. Among his most important works are the illustrated covers he painted for the Lotus Sutra which was given to the Itsukushima Shrine by the Heike family in the 12th cent. He painted subjects from Japanese and Chinese classical literature as well as landscapes. The most creative master of the decorative school, his work greatly influenced such painters as Ogata KorinOgata Korin
, 1658–1716, Japanese decorator and painter. He is renowned for his lacquer work and paintings on screens, decorated with bold designs and striking color contrasts, and his masterful compositional use of empty space.
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