the Sound

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Sound, the:

see ØresundØresund
or the Sound,
Swed. Öresund, c.45 mi (70 km) long, strait between the Danish island of Sjælland and Sweden, connecting the Kattegat with the Baltic Sea, to which it is the deepest channel. Between Helsingborg and Helsingør it is only 2.
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, Denmark and Sweden.
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As appropriate harmony of booming and rumbling sensation of sound is needed to design the powerful engine sound, the powerful index which can judge the powerfulness have been developed.
To evaluate whether the booming index can be used as an objective index of a booming sound, the jury test for interior sounds was performed.
Some yogis have taught that the three sounds should be made from different parts of the body with the lower chakras producing the "a" sound, the heart and throat chakras producing the "u" sound and the "ma" sound coming from the upper chakras in the head.
At once mouths and ears, these mobilized membranes draw attention to the kinetic energy of sound, the vibrations that constitute its production and reception.
As we hear audible sound, the activity in the auditory system increases and becomes more regular and synchronized.
For a few months after the Exxon Valdez leaked 11 million gallons of oil into the once-pristine waters of Prince William Sound, the catastrophe was imprinted on the national consciousness.
But the state has a `fleet of opportunity' in the ferries, and they cut across the sound in some very strategic places." By fitting sampling equipment on the passenger/ automotive ferries traveling established routes through the sound, the researchers have gained a new platform for frequent water quality sampling.
The centre services Parry Sound, the municipalities .
The other obvious ant sound, the squeak that people can sometimes detect, comes from stridulation.
When the glaciers retreated and the sea invaded to form Puget Sound, the surrounding vegetation took over, climaxing into a coniferous forest of titanic and intimidating dimensions.
Like Bernard's earlier photographs, these position the viewer not to one side or the other so much as right in between: between production and reception, picture and sound, the aesthetic and the social--at the very sites where culture is negotiated.
To confirm that the liquid-crystal rods themselves make the sound, the researchers applied voltages to cells containing disordered liquids.