Sound Blaster

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Sound Blaster

The best known family of sound cards for the IBM PC from Creative Labs.

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Sound Blaster

A popular family of sound cards from Creative Labs. In the days of DOS, Sound Blaster was the de facto interface for gaming. Monaural cards were introduced in 1989, and stereo cards followed in 1992. Wavetable MIDI was added with 16-bit Sound Blaster Advanced Wave Effects (AWE) cards supporting 32 and 64 voices. In 1998, Sound Blaster Live was the first PCI-based sound card. Over the years, the Sound Blaster line has been greatly enhanced to provide 3D audio and home theater quality sound directly from a PC. See Creative Labs, DirectSound and OpenAL.

High-End Sound Blaster
This earlier Audigy 4 Pro card cabled to an external hub. Supporting seven speakers, subwoofer and major surround sounds, it provided a wealth of analog and digital ports for connecting A/V equipment and MIDI instruments.

Driving a Sound Blaster
Several programming interfaces can be used to send sounds to a Sound Blaster card: Windows DirectSound, earlier MMSystem APIs or the open source OpenAL. (Illustration courtesy of Creative Labs.)

The Early Days
Before Windows had efficient sound interfaces, DOS applications (mostly games) accessed the Sound Blaster directly. (Illustration courtesy of Creative Labs.)
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Sound Blaster X3 also personifies the best of Sound Blaster's renowned digital processing technologies in an external sound card.
"Building on the excellent momentum of our Sound Blaster Tactic3D range of gaming headsets, we have designed the Sound Blaster Tactic3D Fury with a sleeker, even more comfortable ear cup design," said George Ng, regional sales director, Creative Technology.
I expect Sound Blaster and Conor O'Dwyer to follow-up that maiden success and book his ticket to Cheltenham, at the probably expense of Noel Meade's TOUS LES TABLES, which spoiled his chance, when favourite at Leopardstown over Christmas, by running too freely.
System Requirements: Mac and PC compatible ("Wings of Silver," "History of Aviation" and "Warbirds"), PC ("iF-16" and "Combat Jets" only), Pentium 16 MHz or better, Windows 95 or 98, 32 MB hard-drive space, DirectX, 4X CD-ROM, SVGA monitor, High-Color VESA 2.0 compliant PCI video card with 2 MB video RAM, Sound Blaster, joystick (supports Thrustmaster CH capability).
The speech synthesizers were a DECtalk PC, Version 4.2, Paul's Voice (Digital Equipment, 1994) and a Sound Blaster Monologue for Windows, Version 1.5 OEM (First Byte, 1991-92).
"Just last month we released our first open source driver for the Sound Blaster Live!
Here's where you would need a Sound Blaster and speakers.
Play it safe and make sure you have an industry-standard 16-or 32-bit soundcard, or a built-in sound system that is "Sound Blaster" compatible.
I recommend a sound card that is Sound Blaster compatible as it can cope with almost any game.
System requirements for the Creative PC-DVD kit are a Pentium 133MHz computer with at least 16Mbytes of RAM, a PCI bus with 33MHz clock speed, Sound Blaster 16 or compatible audio card, Microsoft Windows 95 and a SVGA graphics adaptor with 2Mbytes of memory.
* Worst hardware choice, to Compaq, for including in its 8000 series a sound card that was not hardware-compatible with Sound Blaster. Allegedly superior quality means little if applications that claim to access a genuine Sound Blaster or compatible sound card freeze on encountering the incompatible controller, AMD's Interwave chip.