Sound Man

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Sound Man


in film, the member of the camera crew in charge of sound production.

The sound man helps develop the director’s script and select the actors (according to the quality of their voices and their diction). He prepares the sound arrangement; conducts test recordings; mixes synchronized recordings; records the sound track, music, and sound effects; and dubs the film.

In the radio, television, and record industry, the sound man records, reproduces, and edits the magnetic tapes made under the direction of the producer, makes recording copies, and repairs old recordings.

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"Officers be damned!" cried our consumptive, with a sound man's vigor.
Wilcox said that one sound man of business did more good to the world than a dozen of your social reformers, she had swallowed the curious assertion without a gasp, and had leant back luxuriously among the cushions of his motor-car.
Van borough was a sound man in every sense of the word; but --nobody liked him.
He is a sensible sound man as they tell me--out in the world beyond Chesney Wold, my dear, though I don't know much of it myself--and will be of great service."
"Murathe is a vacuous, fatuous, bibulous slacker not worth the company of any sound man," he said.
He said: "The jokes that really come out are universal to the story that every Irish fella is chasing that he's a sound man.
The BBC are keen to identify the sound man responsible.
Born in Preston, Dan began his career in comedy at the Hyena Comedy Cafe in Newcastle - as a sound man.
"I'm mostly the roadie, the sound man, photographer, lighting engineer, producer, sometimes makeup artist," Jeff said.
He added: "I did a bit of everything on the film, including acting, lighting, make-up and I was also the sound man!
"Why would a sound man with a heavy mortgage and two kids in school take that job?"