Sound Track

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sound track

[′sau̇nd ‚trak]
(engineering acoustics)
A narrow band, usually along the margin of a sound film, that carries the sound record; it may be a variable-width or variable-density optical track or a magnetic track.
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Sound Track


a signal track obtained as a result of sound recording.

Sound tracks may be classified according to the physical phenomena used in recording and the characteristics of the information recorded. The first category includes mechanical (phonograph records), photographic, and magnetic sound tracks, obtained by means of mechanical recording, photographic recording, and magnetic recording, respectively. In the second category, for example, sound tracks may be classified as monophonic, stereophonic, or quadraphonic, depending on the spatial pattern of the sound sources (seeMONOPHONIC SOUND RECORDING and STEREOPHONIC SOUND RECORDING). The number of tracks usually ranges from one to four; in special cases, for example, when recording orchestral and choral music, a sound track may consist of up to 20 or more separate tracks. (See alsoRECORDING AND REPRODUCTION OF INFORMATION.)

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Alongside bursts of robotlike movements and coupled-up serenity, Le Savon features a crisp sound track by Franck Gervais -- the clinking and clanging of boat masts in the breeze of a seaside port, the dripping of water into an empty tin bucket, the sounds of crows cawing in the wind.
Groove Armada turns in the hypnotic drum-and-bass cut "If Everybody Looked the Same"; Mandalay contributes the soulful, trip-hoppy "This Life"; and Beth Orton drifts and pines through the wavelike rhythms of "Stars All Seem to Weep." Madonna's stateside compatriot Moby even lent the gospel-meets-electronic beat "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?" from his stellar release Play, to the sound track.
But no matter: the dancers were convincingly defiant, and the rap music--from the sound track of the Michelle Pfeiffer film Dangerous Minds drew whoops of approval.
Set on a strip of blue carpet in front of the sculptures was a pair of mirrored-Plexi plinths, from one of which faintly emanated the sound of Gavin Bryars's mesmeric composition "Jesus Blood." On view in the back gallery was an eight-minute video in which young subway buskers idle around a pair of overturned plastic buckets while Aaron Copland's "Appalachian Spring" (1944) is heard on the sound track. When a performer picks up drumsticks and starts to play, the buckets transform themselves into crude animations of the Plexi plinths.
The sound track of his 2005 installation at STORE in London described in detail the physical properties of the space itself.
Francophiles and hopeless romantics will thank you for this Quebecots masterpiece of star-crossed lovers, a poignant tale within a tale that won Canada's top film award; includes a French sound track. Another choice Wolfe DVD: The lighthearted romantic romp Broadway Damage (due in December); includes music-only sound track option.
There's also a sound track of deep, pulsing electronic music laced with static hums, hisses, and crackles.
Combining alternative, techno, Mediterranean, and classic soul songs makes for an eclectic, somewhat hap-hazard sound track from this film that focuses on a drugs-downing gay Greek youth seeking escape from his parents and cultural expectations.
The sound track's absence suspends immediate access into the work for the viewer, who first attempts to fill in the narrative blanks before realizing the uselessness of the activity.
And all the while, on the sound track, songs like "Everybody Dance" and "Don't Leave Me This Way" reek of hormones and sweat.
With its bouncy, singsong tone, the sound track to the video Trixie, 2005, suited the colorful exuberance of the nine large watercolors, two acrylic drawings, three rotoscope animation videos, and nearly six hundred small mixed-media works on view.
Duets with ex-Sneaker Pimp Kelli Dayton on "Almost Diamonds" and ex-Banshee Siouxsie Sioux on "Threat of Love" aren't the only highlights: The entire album feels like the sound track to the gutter opera Almond was destined to stage.