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music video,

videotaped performance of a recorded popular song, usually accompanied by dance or a fragmentary story and sometimes employing concert footage. Typically three to five minutes long, music videos frequently include quick cuts, stylizations, fanciful and often erotic imagery, and computer graphics. Originally vehicles for promoting singles, most music videos are in the rock idiom. Although many examples of the genre feature the macho rock stars and scantily clad dancers that have become cultural clichés, certain music videos are notable for their cutting-edge techniques and artistic innovations, and some of their directors have achieved auteur status.

The music video form was popularized by the MTV cable network (est. 1981) and began to have wide popularity and influence in the early 1980s. By the 1990s many hundreds of videos, representing a cross-section of musical forms—from traditional to experimental rock, heavy metal to hip hop—were being produced yearly. Although music videos have usually been aimed at a teenage audience, many videos of ballads or "soft rock" songs are now directed at an older group of viewers. Since shortly after their inception, the style and content of music videos have strongly influenced advertising, television, film, and popular culture as a whole.

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They include the not very popular cinematic jukeboxes--the Soundies of 1940s and the Scopitone of the 1960s; two Carmen films--Preminger's Carmen Jones (1954) and Godard's Prenom Carmen (1983); the films of Jacques Demy, focusing on Les parapluies de Cherbourg (1964) and the fairy tale film Peau d'ane (1970); Esther Williams's "synchronized swimming extravaganzas" (10) of the 1940s; and Tsai Ming-liang's apocalyptic musical, The Hole (1998).
In addition to the record label, Storyville Films has begun to reissue DVDs of these artists, packaging performance footage, documentaries, and compilations of short films known as Snader Telescriptions and Soundies.
But the strangest of these Soundies is the corny-surreal "Where Has My Little Dog Gone" by Claude Thornhill's Orchestra.
One of her most startling appearances is in the soundie Easy Street.
According to the programme accompanying the retrospective, Soundies are "brief films made specifically to be shown on a kind of 40s video jukebox".
In addition to the Max Factor Collection, a variety of other unique items from the Museum will also be auctioned including Movie Posters, Moviolas, Sonovision Soundies Jukebox and Joe Pelkofer's Original Hollywood Miniatures.
of: The Soundies Distributing Corporation of America.
Two Pairs of 3-D Glasses In Each Package for 3-D Short, "The Asylum of the Insane"; DVD Loaded with Rare Spook Show Trailers, Spooky Musical Soundies, a Gallery of Spook Show Stills, Audio Commentaries and more.
SEATTLE, May 21 /PRNewswire/ -- PEMCO Insurance is proud to announce the company's "We're a lot Like You" ad campaign earned awards for "Best Announcer", "Best Client Campaign" and "Best of Show" at this year's Soundies, the region's 23rd annual radio advertisement award show sponsored by the Puget Sound Radio Broadcasters Association (PSRBA).
PEMCO and DNA Brand Mechanics, the agency behind the creative commercials, took home the award for "Best Client Campaign" which recognizes a series of spots designed to work together, "Best Announcer" which salutes Henry Dardenne for his delivery of PEMCO's Green Lake Power Walkers ad, and "Best of Show" -- the highest honor of the Soundies -- given to the campaign deemed to be the best across all categories of entries.
In June, the company announced the sale of the music catalog and Web site to Soundies, Inc.
Having examined various potential buyers for our catalog businesses," said Havard, "we are excited to move forward with Soundies, Inc.