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a former French coin of low denomination



an old French coin, originally made of gold and later of silver and copper. One sou was equal to 1/20 of a livre or to 12 deniers. When France adopted the decimal system in 1799, the sou was replaced by a 5-centime coin equal to 1/20 of a livre or of a franc. The new coin was commonly called a sou until 1947, when it was withdrawn from circulation in connection with the devaluation of the French franc.

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Our new digital pod precision cooker makes serious sous vide cooking simple and affordable, no matter how sophisticated a recipe," says Sam Ash, chief marketing officer for Gourmia.
Elles recevront un code sous forme de lettre pour savoir quels sont leurs chiffres et comment ils evoluent[beaucoup plus grand que].
Restaurants and foodie kitchens alike have been using sous in the United States as well, much to the credit of the modernist cuisine movement.
Recently, there has been an increase in the number of sous vide foods cooked at lower temperatures, e.
Preparation and storage of Sous Vide products Industrial Range for Family Style Service and Food Court Style cooking of Sous Vide products for banquets and plated dinners.
Le ministre a, a cette occasion, annonce la domiciliation du secretariat du comite de lutte contre la sous facturation au sein de l'ADII, ainsi que la tenue de reunions periodiques pour le comite national (une fois par an) et pour le comite technique (tous les deux mois).
Dimple Sharma, sous chef, banqueting and conventions Atlantis The Palm Dubai was also highly commended for her "dedication, love and passion for food," the judges said.
Sous vide guru, Martyn Thomas, founder and joint managing director of Oliver James Foods says "we are a team of chefs who take immense pride in cooking for other chefs within the industry.
Asda has claimed its Extra Special Lamb Shanks cooked sous vide is one of its best sellers.
sous la direction de Celine Saint-Pierre, Jean-Philippe Warren.
Why limit sous vide to such megalopolises like Las Vegas and Manhattan?
Le groupe Northeastern Ontario Goat Milk Producers, qui compte maintenant 12 fermes de la region, a fonde avec l'appui de la Societe d'aide au developpement des collectivites (SADC) connue sous le nom de Partenaires dans l'economie Sudbury Est/Nipissing Ouest, inc.