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South Korea:

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, Korean Hanguk or Choson, region and historic country (85,049 sq mi/220,277 sq km), E Asia. A peninsula, 600 mi (966 km) long, Korea separates the Sea of Japan (called the East Sea by Koreans) on the east from the Yellow Sea (and Korea Bay [or West Korea
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Korea, South

Official name: Republic of Korea

Capital city: Seoul

Internet country code: .kr

Flag description: White with a red (top) and blue yin-yang symbol in the center; there is a different black trigram from the ancient I Ching (Book of Changes) in each corner of the white field

National anthem: “Aegukga” (Love the Country)

National flower: Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus Syriacus L.)

Geographical description: Eastern Asia, southern half of the Korean Peninsula bordering the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea

Total area: 38,022 sq. mi. (98,477 sq. km.)

Climate: Temperate, with rainfall heavier in summer than winter

Nationality: noun: Korean(s); adjective: Korean

Population: 49,044,790 (July 2007 CIA est.)

Ethnic groups: Korean; small Chinese minority

Languages spoken: Korean, English

Religions: Christian 26.3% (Protestant 19.7%, Roman Catholic 6.6%), Buddhist 23.2%, other or unknown 1.3%, none 49.3%

Legal Holidays:

Assumption DayAug 28
Children's DayMay 5
Independence Movement DayMar 1
Liberation DayAug 15
Memorial DayJun 6
National Foundation DayOct 3
New Year's DayJan 1
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South Korea

a republic in NE Asia: established as a republic in 1948; invaded by North Korea and Chinese Communists in 1950 but division remained unchanged at the end of the war (1953); includes over 3000 islands; rapid industrialization. Language: Korean. Religions: Buddhist, Confucianist, Shamanist, and Chondokyo. Currency: won. Capital: Seoul. Pop.: 47 950 000 (2004 est.). Area: 98 477 sq. km (38 022 sq. miles)
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27) that the decisions to terminate the GSOMIA and tighten export regulations are 'problems on completely different levels,' and condemned South Korea for pegging the two problems together.
In a statement, the North questioned the meaning of dialogue when "even at this moment, South Korea continues its joint military exercise and to speak of a peaceful economy or a peaceful regime.
Reuters noted that South Korea's presidential Blue House did not immediately respond to request for comment, adding that Trump has repeatedly said the nation should pay more to offset the costs of US troops stationed there.
While expressing elation over the return of 1,400 tons of garbage to South Korea last January, EcoWaste pointed out 'majority of the illegally exported wastes from South Korea amounting to 5,177 tons are still in the country.'
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The Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training annual report released in March this year said more than 45,000 Cambodians are currently working in South Korea, with a further 50,000 expected to seek employment in the country next year.
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In this regard, Ambassador of South Korea called on Deputy Chairman Senate Saleem Mandviwalla at the Parliament House on Thursday and exchanged views of matter of mutual interests besides strengthening trade and economic relations,said a statement issued by Senate secretariat here.
In this regard, Ambassador of South Korea called on Deputy Chairman Senate Saleem Mandviwalla at the Parliament House on Thursday and exchanged views of matters of mutual interests besides strengthening trade and economic relations.
Seoul [South Korea], June 28 ( ANI ): South Korea has declined a renewed demand from the United States to share the costs of deploying U.S.
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