Southampton Insurrection

Southampton Insurrection,

slave uprising in Virginia (1831) led by Nat TurnerTurner, Nat,
1800–1831, American slave, leader of the Southampton Insurrection (1831), b. Southampton co., Va. Deeply religious from childhood, Turner was a natural preacher and possessed some influence among local slaves.
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With Redemption, the rise of Jim Crow, and racial reconciliation between northern and southern whites, a public consensus about Turner emerged by the end of the nineteenth century, as evidenced in William Drewry's Southampton Insurrection (1900).
Turner, believing himself divinely appointed to bring his fellow slaves to freedom, led the revolt of approximately sixty slaves in the Southampton Insurrection (1831).
but also by a desire to depict the Southampton insurrection as an
account of the Southampton insurrection. Whether he is the profiteer
Because of its comprehensive treatment of the historical sources, this book offers a welcome starting point for a renewed effort to understand the significance of the Southampton Insurrection to American history.

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