Southampton Island

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Southampton Island,

c.15,700 sq mi (40,700 sq km), Nunavut Territory, Canada, at the entrance to Hudson Bay. It is separated from the mainland by Ross Welcome Sound and Frozen Strait. With lowlands in the west, the tundra-covered island rises to c.2,000 ft (610 m) in the east. Coral Harbour, a trading post and airfield, is at the head of South Bay.
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Southampton Island

an island in N Canada, in Nunavut at the entrance to Hudson Bay: inhabited chiefly by Inuit. Area: 49 470 sq. km (19 100 sq. miles)
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Our data suggest that Sabine's Gulls on the YKD would best be placed in the 2nd category; they generally nest singly or in small groups, as also observed near Hooper Bay, Alaska (Brown and others 1967) and on Southampton Island, Nunavut (Abraham 1986), supporting Stenhouse and others' (2001) classification of the species as a "solitary-low density" nester.
Kerst said he later received a letter from the caribou expert telling him that the dog, still wearing an identification tag, had been found in a fox trap on Southampton Island, several hundred miles north of Coats Island, eight months after the dog had run away.
Sutton (1932) reported such observations by Inuit residents of Southampton Island, including a description of eggs laid by large Canada Geese that were initially thought to be swan eggs because of their large size.
The skeletal remains of an adult Sadlermiut woman with obvious trauma to her cranial and post-cranial skeleton were excavated from Native Point (KkHh-1), Southampton Island, Nunavut, in 1954.
LOCATION: Southampton Island 10 me NE of Coral Harbour, NU
Identification of a Pre-Contact Polar Bear Victim at Native Point, Southampton Island, Nunavut, Using 3D Technology and a Virtual Zooarchaeology Collection.
Identification of a Pre-Contact Polar Bear Victim at Native Point, Southampton Island, Nunavut Using 3D Technology and a Virtual Zooarchaeology Collection.
As the Circular developed a following, some original notes were contributed, such as the first report of cancer in lemmings born and kept in captivity in Ottawa by Tom Manning (1953), and in the same issue, a preliminary study of the Blue and Lesser Snow Geese on Southampton Island, by Graham Cooch (1953).
While traveling along with an expedition on Southampton Island, Wheeler finds an Inuit guide hopeful about the new political power and voice Inuit have gained through the creation of Nunavut.
In 2000 and 2001, 22 816 spiders were caught in pitfall traps in East Bay Migratory Bird Sanctuary, Southampton Island, Nunavut, Canada.
The Spiders of East Bay, Southampton Island, Nunavut, Canada.

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