Southdown sheep

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Southdown sheep,

mutton breed of sheep originated on the South Downs of Sussex, England, and now raised throughout the world. It is a small sheep, the most thickset of all breeds, and it is valued for the meatiness of the lamb carcasses. The wool is of medium length and fine grade; it varies in color from gray to brown on the face and feet. The Southdown, one of the oldest English breeds, has been extensively used in improving other breeds; it was first imported to the United States in 1803 and has found acceptance in farm flock areas.
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Although on a smaller scale, this is a busy time of year for my [euro]ock of pedigree Southdown Sheep as it is for the large scale commercial farmers as we are in the midst of lambing.
For 2009, the sheep feature breed is the Southdown Sheep.
In the September/October 2008 issue, you published an article titled "Guide to Sheep Breeds." While reading this article I discovered an error in the description of Southdown sheep. The article stated, "The Babydoll Southdown is a miniature breed, less than two feet high at the shoulder, recently developed from the Southdown." Actually, the opposite is true regarding the Southdown and the Babydoll Southdown sheep.
He is also a keen breeder of champion Southdown sheep and has the oldest flock in the UK.
If a good temperament is what you want, try Southdown sheep, whose tempers match their gentle soft gray faces.
Romanov & Miniature "Baby Doll" Southdown sheep. associations" countryside
I have a small flock of pedigree Southdown sheep (pictured below) and so I know first hand that the winter weather can be tough on livestock and animals often need a little extra protection at this time of year.
A breeder of Southdown sheep, having founded the UK's oldest flock, he established the NSA Wales and Borders Ram Sale at the Royal Welsh Showground in 1978.
Chairman George Hughes, who has the oldest established flock of Southdown sheep in Britain on his Carmarthenshire farm, said the move followed concerns that sales at Maidstone and Melton Mowbray were too distant for some pedigree breeders.
We Keep pedigree Southdown sheep, BerKshire pigs and hens.
Ram sale chairman George Hughes, of Llanddarog, Carmarthenshire, who has the oldest established UK flock of Southdown sheep, said the move followed concerns that sales at Maidstone and Melton Mowbray were too distant for pedigree breeders in Wales.
For the first time the sale incorporates the Suffolk Sheep Western Area Club's sale, formerly held at Abergavenny, which has an entry of 80 registered shearlings and ram lambs, and it is also an official sale for the Texel, Charollais and Southdown sheep societies.

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