Southeast, Institute of the Agriculture of the

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Southeast, Institute of the Agriculture of the


(full name, Scientific Research Institute of the Agriculture of the Southeast of the Ministry of Agriculture of the RSFSR), an institute established in 1929 in Saratov. The institute had several names before 1955. In 1978 the institute comprised the following divisions: economics and organization of agricultural production, land cultivation, soil erosion control, breeding and seed production of winter crops, seed production and seed studies, mechanization of agriculture, reclamation of solonetz soils, publication of scientific and technical information, and organization and coordination of scientific research. The institute also has laboratories of breeding and seed production of spring wheat, millet, corn, sunflower, and other plants, as well as a design office.

The institute operates four agricultural experiment stations and ten experimental farms. Together with its experiment stations, it has developed approximately 160 crop varieties, chiefly of grain crops. As of 1976, 45 varieties had been regionalized, including Saratovskaia 29 and 36 spring wheat, Sar-atovskaia 4 winter rye, and Saratovskoe 835 millet. The institute offers graduate study in residence and by correspondence. It publishes Nauchnye trudy and Biulleten’ nauchno-tekhnicheskoi informatsii.

In 1940 the institute was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

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