Southern Beech

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Southern Beech:

see beechbeech,
common name for the Fagaceae, a family of trees and shrubs mainly of temperate and subtropical regions in the Northern Hemisphere. The principal genera—Castanea (chestnut and chinquapin), Fagus (beech), and Quercus
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With the noted low diversity of tree species commonly found in Chilean plantation forests and the relatively low value of the wood harvested from such forests, it is of interest to determine (1) if these types of forests are host to fungi capable of spalting and (2) if radiata pine and southern beech are well suited to laboratory-induced spalting using native Chilean fungi, considering the huge variability in fungal preference for wood species in terms of spalting.
Typically, they are dominated by southern beech (Nothofagus) or associations of species in which this genus plays a relevant role.
For example, the southern beeches (Nothofagus, Fagaceae) are characteristic of the temperate forests of the Southern Hemisphere, while evergreen and deciduous oaks (Quercus), and other genera of the beech family (Fagaceae), are typical of those in the Northern Hemisphere.
Southern beeches can be found all across the hemisphere from Australia and Tasmania to New Caledonia and New Guinea.
The Southern beeches (known as Nothofagus) are a good place to start.
Mixed forests, like the beautiful mosaic of southern beeches, Patagonian cypresses, and Araucaria, are scattered in highly diverse patches along the Pacific coastline of the southern Andes and reach (in the form of forests of Araucaria and podocarps) the Atlantic "planalto" of Brazil.
South American cherry wood belongs to the group of trees known as the southern beeches, so named because Fagus means beech, and Nothofagus refers to beeches of the southern hemisphere.

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