Sovetskaia Pedagogika

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Sovetskaia Pedagogika


(Soviet Pedagogy), a monthly theoretical scholarly journal of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR. Founded in Moscow in 1937, it was published by the People’s Commissariat of Education of the RSFSR until 1943 and by the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the RSFSR from 1944 to 1966.

Sovetskaia pedagogika deals with current issues of pedagogy and pedagogical methodology, communist upbringing, instruction, and education and with problems of the development of public education in the USSR and abroad. It publishes articles on the philosophy, sociology, psychology, and methods of upbringing and on the content and economics of education, including vocational and technical, specialized secondary, and higher education. It also publishes analyses of progressive pedagogical methods.

Among the sections in Sovetskaia pedagogika are “Instruction and Upbringing,” “Publications and Communications,” “Aid to Party Studies,” “Pedagogical Education,” “The Teacher’s Self-education,” “History of the School and of Pedagogy,” “The School and Pedagogy Abroad,” “Criticism and Bibliography,” and “Scholarly Life.” The last section provides information on the work of the Presidium and the institutes of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR and on the activities of departments of pedagogy and psychology in higher educational institutions. The section on “Scholarly Life” also contains information on scholarly conferences, including international conferences, on problems of pedagogy, and on current pedagogical research. Circulation, 83,000 (1975).

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