Marshal of the Soviet Union

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Marshal of the Soviet Union


a military rank in the Soviet armed forces.

The rank was introduced by resolution of the Central Executive Committee and of the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR on Sept. 22, 1935. The rank of marshal of the Soviet Union is conferred personally by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR for outstanding service in leadership of the troops. In the navy the rank of admiral of the fleet of the Soviet Union corresponds to the rank of marshal of the Soviet Union.

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The biggest mystery of the secret Japanese operations in the Baltic States was the conspiracy surrounding the death of the Soviet Marshal Tukhachevsky in 1937.
The Soviets ultimately learned from their mistakes more quickly and developed more strategic agility wherein a Soviet marshal had more joint command authority than General Dwight D.
Soviet Premier Nikolai Podgorny arrived in Cairo on 21 June with Soviet Marshal Matvei Zakharov, the deputy defense minister and former chief of the Soviet military staff.
Soviet Marshal Georgi Zhukov ambitiously attempted too much and squandered over 200,000 lives in an attempt to upstage the simultaneous Russian offensive at Stalingrad.
By marrying this poem to the ticklish theme of a Soviet marshal, Brodsky incurred the wrath of many emigrants in the States.
Sakharov proposed a toast: "May all our devices explode as successfully as today's, but always over test sites and never over cities." After this, he writes, "The table fell silent, as if I had said something indecent:' Then the Soviet marshal in charge of the bomb program replied, "Let me tell a parable.

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