Soviet-Bulgarian Agreements

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Soviet-Bulgarian Agreements


Diplomatic relations were established between the USSR and Bulgaria between July 11 and July 23, 1934. On Sept. 5, 1944, in view of the Bulgarian government’s aid to fascist Germany, the USSR declared war on Bulgaria. On Sept. 9,1944, the day of the victory of the September People’s Armed Uprising in Bulgaria the USSR declared an end to the war. The USSR, the USA, and Great Britain signed an armistice with Bulgaria on Oct. 28,1944. The USSR and Bulgaria reestablished diplomatic relations between Aug. 14 and Aug. 16,1945.

Soviet-Bulgarian relations are based on the principle of socialist internationalism. A 20-year treaty of friendship, cooperation, and mutual assistance was concluded on Mar. 18,1948. Together with other socialist countries, the USSR and the People’s Republic of Bulgaria founded the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (COMECON) in January 1949. The USSR and Bulgaria concluded an agreement on technical assistance to Bulgaria (Apr. 1,1948), an agreement on scientific and technical cooperation (Feb. 18,1950), a long-term agreement on mutual deliveries of goods (June 7, 1954), an agreement on technical assistance to Bulgaria in industrial construction (June 7, 1954), and an agreement on cultural cooperation (Apr. 28, 1956). The USSR and Bulgaria were among the socialist countries that signed the Warsaw Pact of 1955.

In a declaration of Feb. 19, 1964, the USSR and Bulgaria expressed unanimity of views. Agreements have been signed on the establishment of an intergovernmental commission on economic, scientific, and technical cooperation (Feb. 19, 1964), long-term credits to Bulgaria (July 4,1964), and cultural and scientific cooperation (July 19,1966). A new 20-year treaty of friendship, cooperation, and mutual assistance, concluded on May 12,1967, reasserted the commitment of the two countries to uphold the aims and principles of the 1948 treaty. Agreements were also signed on trade and payments for the period 1971–75 (Nov. 4,1970) and technical cooperation in the construction of industrial plants and other facilities in Bulgaria in the period 1971–75 (Nov. 5,1970).

In a communiqué of Nov. 18,1972, the two countries devoted much attention to the coordination of their plans for the period 1976–80 and long-term economic perspectives. They agreed to work together on questions involving the closer interaction of their national economies in accordance with the tasks set forth by the Comprehensive Program.


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