Soviet-Ceylonese Agreements

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Soviet-Ceylonese (Sri Lankan) Agreements


Diplomatic relations were established between the USSR and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) on Dec. 6, 1956. Agreements were concluded on cultural cooperation (Jan. 15, 1958), on trade (Feb. 8, 1958), and on payments (Feb. 8, 1958). An agreement on economic and technical cooperation (May 25,1958) provided for the extension of credit to Ceylon on favorable terms, for USSR assistance in the construction of a metallurgical plant, a tire factory, a plant for building materials, a flour mill, and a grain elevator, and for USSR assistance in land reclamation and fishing. Upon completion of the main projects foreseen in this agreement, a protocol was signed (Apr. 29, 1968) concerning the utilization of the remaining credit; the USSR agreed to cooperate in expanding the metallurgical plant and an industrial scientific research institute and in training Ceylonese nationals in the USSR. The two countries also concluded agreements on establishing a regular shipping line between Soviet ports and Ceylon (Nov. 14,1962), on air transportation (Feb. 22, 1964), on cooperation in ocean fishing (Aug. 19, 1971), and on economic and technical cooperation (Jan. 28,1975).

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