Soviet-Moroccan Agreements

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Soviet-Moroccan Agreements


Diplomatic relations were established between the USSR and Morocco on Aug. 28-Sept. 4, 1958.

On Apr. 19, 1958, the two countries signed agreements on trade and on payments, and on Mar. 27, 1962, they concluded an agreement on air transportation. On Oct. 27, 1966, the countries concluded agreements on economic and technical cooperation (with the USSR extending long-term credits on favorable terms), on scientific and technical cooperation, on cultural cooperation, on cooperation in radio and television broadcasting, and on delivery of machinery and equipment to Morocco.

In addition, agreements were concluded on establishing a consulate general of the USSR in Casablanca (Nov. 19, 1966-Feb. 13, 1967), on creating a permanent intergovernmental commission for economic and scientific and technical cooperation (Feb. 24, 1970), on maritime navigation (Oct. 10, 1971), on the delivery of machinery and equipment to Morocco (Mar. 5, 1974), and on mutual deliveries of goods (Mar. 5, 1974).

In a joint communique of Oct. 10, 1971, the two countries noted the identity or proximity of their views on most international issues. They agreed to hold regular consultations, and they expressed the desire to increase commercial and economic cooperation. The USSR confirmed its intention of granting economic and technical assistance. A joint communique of Jan. 1, 1973, noted that the USSR supports Morocco’s policy of nonalignment, and Morocco expressed a positive appreciation of the Soviet program for peace.

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