Soviet-Nepali Agreements

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Soviet-Nepali Agreements


Diplomatic relations were established between the USSR and Nepal June 5-July 9, 1956.

In a joint communique of June 23, 1958, the two countries expressed a desire to develop cooperation. Pursuant to the communique, two agreements were concluded on Apr. 24, 1959. Under one agreement, providing for economic and technical aid, the USSR rendered gratuitous assistance to Nepal in the construction of a hydroelectric plant with transmission lines, a sugar refinery, and a cigarette factory and in undertaking surveys for the construction of a highway. The other agreement provided a grant to Nepal for the construction of a hospital. Subsequently, two other agreements were concluded whereby the USSR provided gratuitous assistance to Nepal in the construction of an agricultural equipment plant (Apr. 8, 1964) and in the construction of more than 100 km of highway in Nepal (Apr. 8, 1964). In addition, agreements were concluded on cultural and scientific cooperation (June 12, 1964), on trade (Aug. 13, 1965, and Aug. 6, 1970), and on economic and technical cooperation (June 12, 1973).

In a joint communique of June 26, 1971, the two countries noted the successful development of friendly relations and expressed a desire for stronger ties. The USSR confirmed that it respects Nepal’s policy of neutrality and nonalignment.

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