Soviet-Yemeni Agreements

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Soviet-Yemeni (People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen) Agreements


Diplomatic relations were established between the USSR and the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY) on Dec. 3, 1967.

On Feb. 7, 1969, the two countries concluded agreements on economic and technical cooperation, on trade, on cooperation in the development of fishing in the Gulf of Aden and adjoining waters, and on air transportation. An agreement on cultural and scientific cooperation had been signed on Feb. 6, 1969.

Regular meetings between high officials of the USSR and the PDRY are promoting friendly cooperation. A communique of Oct. 11, 1971, noted the important help of the USSR in developing the economy, strengthening the defense capability, and training the national cadres of the PDRY. An agreement on the development of economic and technical cooperation was signed on July 19, 1974. A communique of July 26, 1974, once more reaffirmed the traditional character of the countries’ friendly relations.


Soviet-Yemeni (Yemen Arab Republic) Agreements


On Nov. 1, 1928, the USSR and the Kingdom of Yemen concluded a treaty on friendship and trade, which also established diplomatic relations between the two countries. On Jan. 28, 1939, the treaty was extended for ten years. A treaty on friendship of Oct. 31, 1955, renewed the treaty of 1928.

An agreement on economic cooperation, signed on July 11, 1956, provided for aid to Yemen in the construction of several projects and in training national cadres. After the antimonarchist revolution and the proclamation of the Yemen Arab Republic (Sept. 26, 1962), which the USSR recognized on Oct. 2, 1962, the two countries signed a treaty on friendship and an agreement on economic and technical cooperation (Mar. 21, 1964).

Joint communiques of Oct. 7, 1968, and of Dec. 20, 1971, emphasized the traditional character of the friendly relations and the successful development of all-around cooperation between the countries.


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