Soybean Oil

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soybean oil

[′sȯi‚bēn ‚ȯil]
A pale yellow, fixed drying oil produced by solvent extraction from soybeans; soluble in alcohol, chloroform, and ether; used for soap manufacture, cattle feeds, and printing inks, and in margarine, salad dressing, and high-protein foods. Also known as Chinese bean oil; soya bean oil; soy oil.

Soybean Oil


a fatty vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of the soybean plant (Glycine). The average contents of the various fatty acids in soybean oil are 51–57 percent linoleic acid, 23–29 percent oleic acid, 4.5–7.3 percent stearic acid, 3–6 percent lino-lenic acid, 2.5–6.0 percent palmitic acid, 0.9–2.5 percent ara-chidic acid, up to 0.1 percent palmitoleic acid, and 0.1–0.4 percent myristic acid. Soybean oil has a solidifying point between –15° and –18°C, an iodine value of 120–141, and a kinematic viscosity at 20°C of 59–72 x 10–6 m2/sec. It occupies a leading place in the world production of vegetable oils. Refined soybean oil is used in food and as a raw material for the production of margarine. A valuable component of soybean oil is lecithin.

soybean oil, soya-bean oil

A pale yellow drying oil obtained from soya beans; used in paints and varnishes; sometimes mixed with linseed oil.
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