three brothers, American painters, emigrated with their family from Russia in 1912. Two were twins, Raphael Soyer, 1899–1987, and Moses Soyer, 1899–1974, b. Borisoglebsk. They settled in New York City making its inhabitants the chief subject of their paintings. They concentrated on the depiction of the natural attitudes, thoughts, and gestures of individuals in the performance of habitual tasks. Raphael's subdued, realistic style expresses an intimate sympathy for people, as in Office Workers (Whitney Mus., New York City) or in his portraits, e.g., Mina (Metropolitan Mus.). Moses' figures are usually presented in higher-keyed color or sharper contrasts of black and white, as in The Old Worker (Phillips Memorial Gall., Washington, D.C.). Their younger brother, Isaac Soyer, 1907–81, b. Borisoglebsk, also specialized in everyday figure scenes. His Employment Agency (Whitney Mus., New York City) reveals the social realities of the depression years. The Soyers' concern with people and their environment places them within the tradition of American realism established by Winslow HomerHomer, Winslow,
1836–1910, American landscape, marine, and genre painter. Homer was born in Boston, where he later worked as a lithographer and illustrator. In 1861 he was sent to the Civil War battlefront as correspondent for Harper's Weekly,
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, Thomas EakinsEakins, Thomas
, 1844–1916, American painter, photographer, and sculptor, b. Philadelphia, where he worked most of his life. Eakins is considered the foremost American portrait painter and one of the greatest artists of the 19th cent.
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, and the EightEight, the,
group of American artists in New York City, formed in 1908 to exhibit paintings. They were men of widely different tendencies, held together mainly by their common opposition to academism.
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See R. Soyer's memoirs, Self-Revealment (1969); biography by L. Goodrich (1972); S. Cole, Jr., ed., Fifty Years of Printmaking (1967); biography of Moses Soyer by B. Smith and C. Willard (1944).

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As the immortal Alexis Soyer can make more delicious soup for a half-penny than an ignorant cook can concoct with pounds of vegetables and meat, so a skilful artist will make a few simple and pleasing phrases go farther than ever so much substantial benefit-stock in the hands of a mere bungler.
CTP 'MP' Ferdi Sabit Soyer listed a number of suggestions: "the number of employees should be increased, the internal regulations strengthened, funding from the central bank's budget and 30 per cent of the income from state property rents.
Contract notice: Works of electrical conformity of housing rue soyer in neuilly-sur-seine
Works that reflect on transnationalism as a method applied to American Jewish topics include studies by Tobias Brinkmann, Lois Dubin, Jonathan Frankel, David Gerber, Matthew Frye Jacobson, Rebecca Kobrin, Eli Lederhendler, Ewa Morawska, Moshe Rosman, David Sorkin, Daniel Soyer, Christian Wiese, and Cornelia Wilhelm, among others.
Originally from Turkey, where he was national laser champion, Orkun Soyer came fourth, while two fellow Draycote Water Sailing Club members, Steve Irish and Ant Clay, came seventh and ninth.
Hogarth and Entre Soyer are, respectively, a cognitive psychologist and behavioral scientist.
Peter Soyer, Stefan Hodl, Helmut Kerl (Graz), Carmelo Scarpa, Giusto Trevisan (Trieste), Janez Fettich, Marko Potocnik (Ljubljana), Marija Bercic (Maribor), Gunter Burg (Zurich), and Michael Lomuto (San Giovanni Rotondo).
Bernard Carino scored 49 points for Jeddah Titans and was adjudged as the Titan Watch Best Player of the game while Soyer top-scored with 34 points for VICCM.
The company said that Dietsch, who has been with the company in a variety of roles for ten years, will replace the out going Eric Soyer.
Recently, Soyer and colleagues (11) reported two cases of newborns, in whom paraurethral cysts were associated with vaginal bleeding and breast enlargement; these factors showed the possibility of the role of estrogens in their development.
Tunc Soyer stated that Turkey is deeply in need of such well-designed shelters and the shelter will be an example for Turkey for the completion of other projects.
Delhi, July 8 -- Soyer is Featuring a powerful 750 W motor, the MG 750, makes tough grinding seem like a breeze, ensuring your delicacies are prepared quick.