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A balanced nutritional drink that serves as an alternative to solid food. With shipments of the powder starting in the U.S. in 2014 at roughly USD $4 per meal, Soylent provides 2,000 calories per day of the vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber and fatty acids required by the body. Individual 400-calorie bottles were later added. Developed by software engineer Rob Rhinehart, Soylent is open source so that others can fine-tune the ingredients over time. For more information, visit

Soylent Green
The name was inspired by the 1973 science fiction movie Soylent Green, which was loosely adapted from the novel "Make Room! Make Room!" by Harry Harrison. In an overcrowded world, Soylent Green was a solid food touted as coming from plankton, when in fact it was human remains.

The Soylent Instruction Manual
The recipe is changed from time to time, and version numbers document the updates like software. "Release Notes" on the front cover is just geek humor.

The Author Loves His Soylent
Alan Freedman, author of this encyclopedia, mixes bananas and blueberries to make a healthy lunch on busy days.
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Since launching in 2015, it's sold 50 million meals via a DTC model and found its way into more than 80 countries, including the US, home of rival Soylent.
Soylent Green explores the consequences of climate change, overpopulation, and aggravation of the class divide.
Notable selections include the detective fiction "Soylent Green Is People!" by Carlos Orsi, which imagines a process capable of harvesting energy from the breakdown of organic matter--with some dark consequences.
Geophysical disasters do for the human race in "Soylent Green," "Waterworld," and "Wall-E," while technology is the enemy in "Logan's Run" and the various "Terminator" and "Matrix" movies.
The Omega Man, along with Soylent Green, and Planet of the Apes, served to form a Charlton Heston sci-fi trilogy of sorts.
This interest led him to apply for a job as a "flavorist" at Soylent, the notorious Silicon Valley start-up known for nutrient-rich beverages marketed as an alternative to the waste and inefficiency of preparing daily meals.
Think Huel and Soylent but made with all-natural ingredients, providing a broader spectrum of benefits.
(3) I'll use different cultural sources to illustrate mine, like Game of Thrones, Star Trek, House of Cards, and Soylent Green.
To rephrase Charlton Heston's memorable line from the 1973 cult classic Soylent Green, "Algorithms are people!"
Flugel's CV is staggering, he is: co-founder of Ongaku - Playhouse - Klang Elektronik with Ata and Heiko Schaffer; the man behind immortal hits like "Geht's Noch?" or "Rocker", a producer under multiple aliases and projects (Roman IV, Soylent Green, Eight Miles High, Sensorama); a remixer and high-flying DJ able to constantly reinvent himself, playing at the best clubs around the world.
A If you have ever thought, "Is there a way I can just drink all the nutrition I need?" then Soylent might be for you.
Face to face with lava flow and hearing music from my tape recorder, I was reminded of the film 'Soylent Green' where dying people were treated to a view of a patch of green and a profusion of flowers while a Beethoven symphony played in the background.